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Legend of Job

Gerry, Boyd and I met in the bindery in 2015 to discuss options for binding this marvellous work. Gerry indicated a strong desire to have the work done in a style reminiscent of a 16th century leather binding, with little to no gold decoration on the boards and only period typical decoration on the spine. We decided to title only the front board and the rest was left with me to solve and complete.  Gerry did select the type of leather he wanted to have on the project and we talked at some length about the problems associated with binding such a work of art in the style that Gerry had envisioned.

In short, the art work was presented to me as a pile of single leaves of very very heavy art paper. The pages were so heavy that they had essentially no bend in them the way one might expect to see in a book page. I researched methods that had been commonly used for the period and for binding individual sheets of extremely heavy board into book form. 

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